My new site

flower-1817511_1280This is my first post for this site. I am thinking of writing about all thing i have been thankful in 2016. This year has been an immensely wonderful year for us. A lot of things have happened since the dawn of this year. We had our first child – Taju, who is truly so precious and an amazing gift! It was a life changing process to witness the birthing process. I am truly grateful for her . I am also grateful for my wonderful parents who came all the way from K to come and spend and share the joy with us. Especially , for Ma, without her I dont know how we could have survived the intense few months post birth of the baby.

Also grateful for syedu, she has been a great partner all along.

Also thankful for the house. It been a great experience and we are enjoyed it very much. Myra, along with parents came along and it was a joy to make the move together.

Also joined OMG, and have made a lot of progress on the agency and the setting up the business.

Also received the technical award of the year at MDT, which was a great cherry on the cake.

I truly feel blessed and cannot thank God enough for all blessing he has showered on me.

I am working hard and hope I can make the best of the opportunities given to me and make a difference in the world.

I look forward to 2017, for a year filled with happiness, joy, accomplishments and peace!